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2021-2022 Covariant AI

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  • Lead integrations on-site between the AI core and the application side, that includes robotic arms, optical systems, conveyors and PLCs.

  • Own system performance, and task engineering teams in Berkeley and China with critical action items.

  • Created new processes to pull down calibration lead times from 3 weeks to 3 days.

  • Developed realtime support system and integrations for bot tenders using the robot stations.

  • Maintain customer relationship, understand pinpoints and translate it to new features.

  • Create experiments and analyze data to validate hypothesis on root causes of low performance scenarios.

2020 Deep Reinforced Learning Nano Degree - Udacity

Deep Reinforced Learning ND.jpg

2018-2021 Misty Robotics - Robotics/Prototyping Engineer

me and misty.jpeg

Product Team

It is all in the details. I have brought in many ideas, prototyped them which later got pushed into production. Got my hands on a range of things here.

Sweet Robot Misty!
Always very close to my heart.

2018 MERL - Internship



Extremum seeking multi agent system's centralized implementation on wheeled robot.

Worked closely with Dr. M. Benosman at MERL.

2018 Deep Learning Nano Degree - Udacity

Deep Learning ND.jpg

2018 Masters in Mechatronics and Robotics 


NYU !! Great exposure to tools and people of NYC. The energy flow is nonstop. The city helped highlighted my interested in interaction design.

Lots of work on numerous projects with
Dr. Vikram Kapila and Dr. Ludovick Righetti in control systems, Prof. Mark Cutkosky from NYU Megnet on AR/VR Projects and Steve Kuyan on Entrepreneurship. 

2018 Sphero Swarm Implementation 

I built this swarming system with Spheros.

This is one of my favorite projects that I ever built.

For the curious minds: deck

2018 Fun with After Effects and Aurasma

2018 Fun Interaction Test 

2016 Gimbal IMU Match

A piece of a slightly bigger project. 

Scroll up to - 2016 PortKey

2015 Robotic Vision - Peter Corke - QUT

Robotic Vision.jpg

2015 Artificial Intelligence - Berkeley - EdX

Artificial Intelligence.jpg

2015 Neuroscience of Vision - MIT - EdX

Neuroscience of Vision.jpg

2015 iOS App Tag

What to do after taking an online course on iOS development... Build an app.

What do build? Picked something I thought would handy.

Had this available in the app store for a couple years. This app lets users create their own keyboard full of shortcuts.

Plus I also made this video 📽

2015 iOS App Development

iOS Dev.jpg

2014 Exploring Neural Data - Brown University - Coursera

Exploring Neural Data.jpg

2014 Machine Learning - Andrew Ng's on Coursera

Machine Learning .jpg

2014 Mechanical Behavior of Materials - MIT - EdX


2014 Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (Sandwich)


Curiosity on how to design and build things got me to pick Mechanical Engg.

Sandwich here is a special 5 year - highly practical program in contrast to the regular 4 year program. The course work is split equally between class room and real industry / manufacturing plant / foundry  floors. Coimbatore is a a city in Tamil Nadu with abundance of manufacturing facilities. PSG Tech has partnered with many and also owns quiet a bit to let us spend half of everyday in an actual factory floor. These learning were very valuable and have high impact on  my design approach.


2013 CAD/CAE/CAM in Catia - Dassault Systems 120 Hrs


2012 First Assembly Animation 

All time Autodesk Inventor/Fusion fan!


2012 Apple remote to control lights

2011 Color Sensor - White LED + LDR

Wow, I was into Physics even in 2011.


Learnt that that light can change resistance. Different colors absorb white light to different levels and a correlation exists between reflected lumes vs color.

No ML then, hard coded dumb color detector. Works :D 

Two concentric tubes with outer enclosed section housing white LEDs and inner enclosed section housing an LDR.

This could have been 'Spec Drums'!

2011 DTMP (the unique beep tone) based remote control

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