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I have hacked enough with Robots, gadgets, tools etc. It is now time to hack the human body

This is a result of years of study into Physics, Mechanics, Biology, Chemistry, Cultural Practices, Various Healing Techniques including Yoga, Meditation, Crystals, Light and Sound. I use this webpage as an interface for the world to take a peek at my research. Not everything will be organized to accommodate a continuity in the flow of information, the span of this research is vast.

A Thought on the practical use of jewelry

Crown Images.png

The Crown/Kireedam - as seen in idols and drawings of gods, used by kings and queens, is still used in practice today in Indian Temples. If you visit any Indian Temple and do an Archanai (a special chant made to the god idol with your name and star sign by the temple priest), the priest will offer you thulasi (Indian basil) water, flowers, viboothy/kunkumam/sandalwood paste, fire to touch from the pooja. Then the priest will place a fully closed crown on your head as you bow down for a couple of seconds. 

The parallel to a crown/kireedam in the engineering world is a Faraday Cage


A Faraday cage is an enclosure made of conducting material. The fields within a conductor cancel out with any external fields, so the electric field within a conductor is zero. These Faraday cages act as big hollow conductors you can put things in, to shield them from electrical fields.

On the left is a quick 3min demo of the working of a simple Faraday Cage from MIT.

Continuous sheets of materials with high electrical conductivity make the best faraday cages -> offer the best shielding.


Silver(Ag) tops the chart in pure metals on electrical conductivity followed by Copper(Cu) and Gold(Au). It is these metals that were used to make the crown/kireedam along with the considerations on the manufacturability of the era and most importantly the chemical inertness of the metal. With good chemical inertness, the crown/kireedam does not get oxidized.

Gold starts to top the chart on the best material for a crown/kireedam when both the electrical conductivity and chemical inertness are considered. The most chemically inert pure metals are grouped as Nobel Metals in the periodic table.


A Faraday Cage / EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Shield on the head. This crown/kireedam can now be seen as a tool that draws a parallel to Airplane mode for our human body. In trying to understand - why specifically the head/brain/hair, some studies around meditation, chakras, and neuroscience comes up with a couple answers that are all correlated.

"The pineal gland is now defined as a photo-neuro-endocrine transducer that forms an integral part of the brain, it offers information on the circadian rhythm, thus further connecting the outside world with internal biochemical and physiological needs and functions of the human body."  - National Library of Medicine

This video presents a brief explanation by Dr. Joe Dispenza on the function of the Pineal Gland. He talks about the piezoelectric property of calcite crystal present inside the gland and how the gland is capable of producing much more chemicals/neurotransmitters/hormones than just melatonin and serotonin.


"Piezoelectricity in the human pineal gland - Melatonin secretion by the pineal gland has been reported to be affected by exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs)." - Science Direct - Elsevier -1996

I am no expert on chakras. But a whole lot is going on around the existence of the 8th chakra above the crown and the way it connects to the outside world - also referred to as quantum space. If it is that we are very sensitive to EMFs, especially in the head region, could the crowns/kireedam act as a tool to help protect our energy space from the noise that exists in the current world / or from the EMF of a fellow being? Could one take off the crown/kireedam only when meditating and when trying to interact with higher energies/quantum space?

What is going on with the crystals?

I will start with something we all understand and use every day - Microwave oven!

Micro waves are created and are directed at the food we place in it. 

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