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Food Lab


Connect you with the origins of your food!

Uncover the journey of each item to your plate and gain a deeper understanding of how it's grown. Elevate your health focus and develop a true appreciation for the goodness in produce.


Perfect for parents, this app is a Big Yes for Kids! Engage your children in the fascinating world of food origins by getting this app in their hands.


Users can make requests to include their favorite items in the app's inventory, enriching the experience for everyone.

Upgrade your connection to food today!

Privacy Policy

  • Data Collection and Storage

    • No user data is collected nor stored by this app.​

  • Access

    • The app does not​ use camera or gps.

  • Account sign-in​

    • No sign-in is needed.

  • Using Data

    • No usage data is collected or tracked by the app.

  • ​​​Children​

    • The app complied with COPPA and GDPR standards. Children can use this app.​

  • Location Services:​

    • No location services are used by this app.

If you have any question feel free to reach me (developer) at

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