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This is a fun app that turn your phone into an anchor ⚓️ 🔴

You can set ARM and place it on your friend / put it in your bag. 


There are two modes: Hold Pose and Security

Hold Pose mode tracks the phone's orientation.

Security mode tracks the acceleration.


Both modes provide intuitive visual, haptic, and audio feedback.

Privacy Policy

  • Data Collection and Storage

    • No user data is collected nor stored by this app.​

  • Access

    • The app only​ uses the accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer on the device. It does not track location via GPS or cameras.

  • Account sign-in​

    • No sign-in is needed.

  • Using Data

    • Only the accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer data is used realtime to display and play feedback while the app is active on the foreground. None of this or any other​​ data is stored nor transmitted by the app.

  • Children​

    • The app complied with COPPA and GDPR standards. Children can use this app.​

  • Location Services:​

    • No location services are used by this app.

If you have any question feel free to reach me (developer) at

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